Stellar Model Parameters

The &model namelist group defines stellar model parameters; the input file should contain exactly one. Allowable parameters are:


Type of model to use; one of:

  • 'HOM' : Homogeneous compressible model
  • 'POLY' : Polytropic model read from external file
  • 'EVOL' : Evolutionary model read from external file
Name of file (model_type= 'POLY'|'EVOL')

Format of file (model_type= 'EVOL'); one of

  • 'AMDL' : AMDL-format binary file
  • 'B3' : B3-format HDF5 file
  • 'FAMDL' : FAMDL-format text file
  • 'FGONG' : FGONG-format text file
  • 'GSM' : GSM-format HDF5 file
  • 'LOSC' : LOSC-format text file
  • 'MESA' : MESA GYRE-format text file
  • 'OSC' : OSC-format text file
  • 'WDEC' : WDEC-format text file
data_format (default '', indicates auto-select)
Fortran format specifier for data read from OSC-, FGONG- and FAMDL-format files
deriv_type (default 'MONO')

Cubic interpolation derivatives type (model_type='POLY'|'EVOL'); one of

  • 'NATURAL' : Natural (spline) derivatives
  • 'FINDIFF' : Finite-difference derivatives
  • 'MONO' : Monotonized derivatives (default)
Gamma_1 (default 5/3)
First adiabatic exponent (model_type='HOM')
grid_type (default 'UNI')

Model grid type (model_type='HOM'); one of

  • 'UNI' : Uniform spacing
  • 'GEO' : Geometric spacing
  • 'LOG' : Logarithmic spacing
n (default 10)
Number of points in model grid (model_type='HOM')
s (default 1)
Skewness parameter for model grid (model_type='HOM' and grid_type='GEO'|'LOG')
x_i (default 0)
Inner boundary coordinate of model grid (model_type='HOM')
x_o (default 1)
Outer boundary coordinate of model grid (model_type='HOM')
uniform_rot (default .FALSE.)
Flag to force uniform rotation
Omega_rot (default .FALSE.)
Rotation angular velocity (uniform_rot=.TRUE.)
Omega_units (default 'NONE')

Units of Omega_rot; one of

  • 'NONE' : Dimensionless angular frequency
  • 'HZ' : Linear frequency in Hz[1]
  • 'UHZ' : Linear frequency in μHz[1]
  • 'RAD_PER_SEC' : Angular frequency in radians per second[1]
  • 'CYC_PER_DAY' : Linear frequency in cycles per day[1]
  • 'CRITICAL' : Fraction of the Roche critical rate[1]
dx_snap (default 0)
Threshold for snapping model points together, when model_type is 'EVOL'. If a pair of points are separated by less than dx_snap, they are snapped together.
add_center (default .TRUE.)
Flag to add a center point to the model (model_type='EVOL'|'POLY'). If a point does not already exist at the origin, then one is added
repair_As (default .FALSE.)
Flag to repair inaccuracies in the dimensionless Brunt-Väisälä frequency at density discontinuities


[1](1, 2, 3, 4, 5) This option is only available when model_type='EVOL'