Orbital Parameters

The &orbit namelist group defines orbital parameters, as follows:

Omega_orb (default 1)

Orbital angular frequency

Omega_orb_units (default 'NULL')

Units of Omega_orb; one of:

  • 'NONE' : Dimensionless angular frequency

  • 'HZ' : Linear frequency in Hz1

  • 'UHZ' : Linear frequency in μHz1

  • 'RAD_PER_SEC' : Angular frequency in radians per second1

  • 'CYC_PER_DAY' : Linear frequency in cycles per day1

  • 'CRITICAL' : Fraction of the Roche critical rate1

q (default 1)

Ratio of secondary mass to primary mass

e (default 0)

Orbital eccentricity

tag_list (default '', which matches all)

Comma-separated list of &tide tags to match



This option is available only for stellar models with D capability