Grid ParametersΒΆ

The &grid namelist group defines the parameters used to set up the spatial grid; the input file can contain one or more, but only the last (tag-matching) one is used. Allowable parameters are:

x_i (default based on model grid)

Inner boundary coordinate of calculation grid

x_o (default based on model grid)

Outer boundary coordinate of calculation grid

w_osc (default 0)

Oscillatory weighting parameter \(w_{\rm osc}\)

w_exp (default 0)

Exponential weighting parameter \(w_{\rm exp}\)

w_ctr (default 0)

Center weighting parameter \(w_{\rm ctr}\)

w_thm (default 0)

Thermal weighting parameter \(w_{\rm thm}\)

w_str (default 0)

Structural weighting parameter \(w_{\rm str}\)

dx_min (default SQRT(EPSILON(1._WP)))

Minimum spacing of grid points

dx_max (default HUGE(0._WP))

Maximum spacing of grid points

n_iter_max (default 32)

Maximum number of refinement iterations

resolve_ctr (default .TRUE.)

Flag to resolve central evanescent region

tag_list (default '', which matches all)

Comma-separated list of &mode tags to match

See the Spatial Grids section for further details, in particular a discussion of how the weighting (w_*) parameters work.