Flow of execution in the gyre_tides frontend.

The gyre_tides frontend calculates the response of a stellar model to tidal forcing by a orbiting point-mass companion. The general flow of execution is outlined in the chart to the right. After reading the namelist input file and the model, gyre_tides loops over &tide namelist groups, processing each in turn.

For a given group, gyre_tides solves for the response of the star to the superposition of partial tidal potentials \(\PhiTlmk\) (see the Tidal Effects section). The response wavefunctions and other data associated with an individual partial potential are optionally written to a detail file. At the end of the run, response data from all partial potentials (across all &tide groups) are optionally written to a summary file.

The table below lists which namelist groups, and in what number, should appear in namelist input files for gyre_tides.


Namelist group name





Grid Parameters


\(\geq 1\)[1]

Stellar Model Parameters



Numerical Parameters


\(\geq 1\)[1]

Orbital Parameters


\(\geq 1\)[1]

Oscillation Parameters


\(\geq 1\)[1]

Output Parameters



Rotation Parameters


\(\geq 1\)[1]

Tidal Parameters


\(\geq 1\)